Welcome to iExpress Media. We are a highly skilled team of experts ready to help content creators monetize their digital content. We have over twenty years of experience in the areas of software development and business tool development. We operate out of Madrid, Spain. Our company has always been based around content, ranging from live shows in Amsterdam, to image

gallery creation, to content aggregation, to live video. The H3 initiative will continue on that path with iExpressMedia.com. The goal of the iExpress brand is to empower content creators to gain a sense of ownership over their

content during a time where the repeal of net neutrality and the passing of SESTA and GDPR make it increasingly difficult for independent content

creators to promote and monetize their content without

the support of a large studio or platform.


Our Mission


Our mission is simple, and our values are clear: iExpress Media looks to improve lives of content creators

by enabling the distribution and monetization of the valuable digital content that our clients create. It is

no longer an efficient or sustainable business model for content creators to rely on large studios or

marketing platforms to push their content into the hands of their targeted audiences.


InvisiBill is a secured payment application that can be synchronized with a user’s Skype account to facilitate payment

between the viewer and the broadcaster. While many of today’s video content creators who use Skype as their platform are troubled by using cash platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and Skyprivate to secure payments for their content, InvisiBill is a service that becomes completely synchronized with a user’s Skype account – making sending payments and receiving payments as easy as simply joining a video chat.


Among InvisiBill’s additional features are:

· InvisiBill supports Skype call billing.

· Provides in-Skype notification to users.

· Detects calls / participants.

· Uses Skype-provided call duration.

· Detects messages.

· Provides the ability to send automated messages.

· Detects group calls / participants.

· Easy 1-step integration.

· Evolves with Skype app changes.

· Compatible with latest Skype version.

· Compatible with mobile Skype application.

InvisiBill is just one way that iExpress Media is working to ensure content creators receive the full monetary value for their digital content. By integrating a secured payment software directly into one of the most popular apps for digital video content, iExpress Media has made  it easier for content creators to receive payment for their hard work.


Stay tuned for new developments and products to be announced in the very near future!





iExpress Media is always seeking out and searching for the very best raw talent in the areas of software development, content

creation, and digital content management. However, we are always interested in hearing from experienced digital professionals who have not worked in these areas, but feel like they can contribute to iExpress Media.


iExpress Media is regularly referenced throughout current trending tech/business news publications. See how some of our services and products have performed in their real-world applications.


If you know of an iExpress Media product or service that is not featured below, send us an email so we can add it to our stream!

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Rodrigo Díaz


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In addition, if you are interested in working with iExpress Media as an employee, please view our open positions and submit your resume through

the appropriate channels.


For any other questions, concerns, or inquiries, please reach out! A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you and address any questions or concerns that you may have.

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